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Elite Athlete Duathlon National Championship

The Climb. Mount Survivor. The Quad Burner. The Hurt So Good. The Powerman Pleasure. The Mohican Monster. What do all these names have in common? These are all names given to the 1.0 mile Grade 9 climb on the run course experienced by athletes who have participated in Powerman Ohio. Athletes who compete in the Powerman Ohio cannot only earn the title of United States Duathlon National Champion but proclaim victory over this challenging but exhilarating course.

Situated in the rolling foothills in the Mohican Valley region at Malabar Farm State Park, the setting of Powerman Ohio is some of America’s most beautiful country; rich in heritage and home to a diverse and wonderful culture. This 8K run + 58K bike + 8K run has quickly gained the reputation among athletes as a great event to test their fitness and to toe the line with some of the world’s best. The two-loop bike course contains a mixture of rolling terrain, several steep climbs and a fast flat ride into Mohican Valley. The pair of 8K runs that bookend the bike feature a 1.0 mile grade 9 climb up Mt. Bromfield and rolling looping terrain that are certain to test the strongest of runners.

Powerman Ohio features a professional prize purse of up to $10,000.

Training Tip: Athletes will need to have all the elements to tackle this course – speed, endurance and strength. Hill works on the bike and on the run are keys to success on this course.

Area attractions: Malabar Farm State Park is the 914-acre estate of famous Ohio born Hollywood screenwriter, Pulitzer Prize winner and conservationists Louis Bromfield. Bromfield attained world recognition as an author of popular fiction. Hollywood celebrities are lured by the scenery and tranquility of Malabar Farm and it has become an annual stop for many of today’s top celebrities. The Malabar Inn is an 1820 Stagecoach stop now operating as a restaurant that features fresh spring water straight out of the Appalachian Mountains. The nearby Mohican State Park and adjacent state forest are outstanding in their beauty and offer limitless opportunities for visitors to explore one of Ohio's most unique natural regions. The striking Clearfork Gorge, hemlock forest and scenic Mohican River offer a wilderness experience while the resort lodge and cabins provide luxurious accommodations.

Join the Powerman Ohio experience by racing the Mohican Valley Duathlon!

If not ready for the Powerman Ohio challenge, you can still take part in the experience by participating in the shorter distance race “The Mohican Valley Duathlon”. The Mohican Valley Duathlon will be held at the same time as Powerman Ohio only separated by wave starts. The Mohican Valley Duathlon will be a 4K run/30K bike/4K run.

Powerman Ohio is part of the North American Powerman series featuring Powerman Alabama. The North American Powerman series is part of an international duathlon racing series that allows athletes from all over the world, regardless of experience, skill, athletic ability to compete against one another in the spirit of sportsmanship, fellowship, and friendship.

Powerman Ohio is licensed under the International Powerman Association www.powerman.org in Venray, Netherlands. In 2006, the international series includes the following destinations:

  • Powerman Alabama
  • Powerman Austria
  • Powerman Germany
  • Powerman Holland
  • Powerman Luxembourg
  • Powerman Malaysia
  • Powerman Zofingen – World Championships

As a Powerman event, Powerman Ohio features a pro division where elite athletes from around the world will compete for a potential cash prize purse of $10,000 (see pro athlete information for details). Powerman Ohio also features an amateur division where athletes will compete against one another based on age and gender. Powerman Ohio is open to all athletes for participation and there are no qualification requirements.


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