Welcome to the Powerman Ohio

Course Description:

The Powerman Ohio Duathlon (8K run + 58K bike + 8K run) takes place at Malabar Farm State Park and the surrounding Mohican Valley area. A 12-23 gear ratio is recommended for the bike leg.

Run 1 - 8K: Athletes will begin the run from Malabar Farm State Park by exiting the park by Bromfield Road then turn south and begin a one mile ascent to East Hasting Road. After the ascent, athletes will be able to recover on the rolling road of East Hastings before turning around and heading back to the park. Athletes will have a fast one mile descent back into the park where they will turn into the main farmhouse and big house area for a fast 0.2 mile race along the path into transition.

Bike - 58K: (Recommended cassette gear ratio: 12-23) Exiting transition, athletes will exit the park at Bromfield Road and head east (turn right) onto Pleasant Valley Road. Athletes will take Pleasant valley Road to SR 603 where they will pick up speed to SR 95. Turning right onto SR 95, athletes will have a fast flat road as they cross over the Mohican River before turning right onto Possum Run Road. On Possum Run Road, athletes will experience approvimately 7 miles of small to moderate rolling terrain. Along the way athletes will pass by the world famous Snow Trails Ski resort and Hidden Hollow campground. From Possum Run Road, athletes will turn right onto Garver Road where they will immediately begin a (39x25) grade 8, out-of-the-saddle, 0.08 mile climb. After a brief recovery, athletes will experience another modest climb before heading into the Pleasant Valley region. Once upon Pleasant Valley Road, athletes will experience 5 miles of flat fast ride that, with a tailwind, will certainly create speeds greater than 30mph (if you have the strength to push the big gear!). Along the way, you will pass my parent's house so be certain to wave and say hello if they are tending the garden. Powerman athletes will pass by Malabar Farm State Park and repeat the course a second time. Upon completion of your second lap you will re-enter the park and head back into transition (Mohican Valley Duathlon participants will complete only 1 bike course lap).

Course Breakdown:
Transistion to Pleasant Valley Road: 0.3 miles
Two Powerman laps: 35.4 miles
Pleasant Valley to transition l: 0.3 mi
Total: 36.0 miles = 58K

Caution: The Bike course is an open course so there may be automobile traffic on the roads at the same time. There will be plenty of law enforcement and traffic control to get athletes through intersections and turns. However, athletes are advised to ride with caution and safety in mind at all times.

Run 2 - 8K: Athletes will repeat the same course as the first run, including the fast one mile descent back into the park where they will turn into the main farmhouse and big house area for the last 0.2 mile race along the path to the cheers of hundreds of cheering friends and family to announce your arrival to the finish line where athlete finishers can proudly announce themselves as a “Powerman”!


Aid Stations:

Participants are strongly advised to carry food and fluid sufficient for the bike portion of their experience. There will be several aid stations on the run course that will have water and Powerade.